Every Child should have the right and opportunity for the best life and future possible. That’s what we believe at ACT FOR KIDS/ NAKURE. We know that Children are born all over the world into different life situations that they are not responsible for; but they still deserve the best that life has to offer.

We believe that Education is the path to that best Life for every Cchild. That’s why AFK/ NAKURE is doing what we can to ensure that Children are able to overcome the obstacles of getting an education. These challenges are sometimes Uniforms, Food for the day, School fees and Scholastic Materials.

We were very happy to be able to assist some 47 Children at the Kimihurura Primary School to pay their tuitions and remain in school. For these Children, some are single parents while others have lost both parents and the average household incomes are below 50 USD.

These Children are Bright, Hopeful, Cheerful and Full of Life. We look forward to continuing in this effort as we seek to help more Children stay in school and ensure that they have the materials to maximize their Education.

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