Our Team

Joseph Bikorabagabo

Legal Representative

Is a Native married Rwandan. He is married with 3 Children. Impacted as a Child through the hardship of being an Orphan, He founded AFK NAKURE. Joseph was blessed to have the support and assistance of compassionate strangers that helped Him to survive and grow. Joseph now works diligently to bring Hope and Light to the Children and Youth in marginalized Communities in Rwanda through ACT FOR KIDS/NAKURE.

Raphael Ndahayo

Chief Operating Officer

Is a Native Rwandan; He is married with 4 Children. He holds a Diploma in Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Raphael has served in Finance and Administration for 22 years. The combination of Responsibility, Leadership and Pastoral Duties inspired Him to serve beyond the Church and into the wider community where He desires to see the Work and Mission of Christ fulfilled.

Yussuf Ndutiye

Legal Advisor

Is a Rwandan married with 2 Children. He holds Degrees in Law and has held positions of Legal Advisor to companies, He acted as Judge within the Rwandan Judicial system and presently serves as a Lawyer. With his many years of experience and triumph, Yussuf desired a channel to work and serve the disadvantaged members of his community to bring Hope and Justice. Joining the AFK NAKURE Team is allowing Him to fulfil his desire.

Hausa Lightbourne

Project Coordinator

Is a Native-born Bahamian. She holds Bachelor Degrees in Science Education, and a Masters in Business Administration. While encountering Joseph at a workshop on Social Enterprise, she quickly realized that the Vision at ACT FOR KIDS/NAKURE aligned strongly with her passion and Vision for the Education and Development of Children and Youth in marginalized communities. Serving at AFK NAKURE has opened the door to developing, coordinating and implementing alongside a passion driven Team.

Faida Kayonga

Financial Assistant

 Is a Native Rwandan married Woman; She holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Accounting. From Her Childhood, FAIDA grew up with strong desire to support and serve the vulnerable Families in their daily Lives. Joining the AFK NAKURE Team is allowing Her to see her Dreams come true.

Robert NTARE

IT Coordinator

Is a Native Rwandan; He is a Certified, Talented Computer Scientist and a professional Graphic Designer; His path led him to work with various Organizations and Companies in Rwanda. His Courage and Creativity make him wish to serve with vulnerable Children where He is inspired from the life He once lived too. This makes Robert proud to be a member of AFK NAKURE Team.

Help Children, Save the Future

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